Monday, January 28, 2008

Scott's Boat Pages Blog

Some readers of this blog following the construction of my Tiki 26 catamaran are already familiar with my main website: If so, those of you who stop by there from time to time may have already noticed the changes I've made in the last few days.

For those who haven't seen it, I've started a new general boating blog associated with my main website. The blog address is:

It is also embedded as a feed into the home page of the main website. The purpose of this new blog is to provide a place to write about my other boating interests beyond the scope of the construction of this particular catamaran. Scott's Boat Pages will feature a wide variety of articles on boatbuilding, sailing, sea kayaking, canoeing and other boating interests. Some of the posts are older articles I've written for other websites or for magazines such as Sea Kayaker. Much of the material will be observations and reviews of new boat designs, books about boating, gear for boating, or other online resources such as forums and other blogs. The focus will remain on simple, self-sufficient exploration by water, as this has always been the central theme around which all my boats and boating adventures have revolved.

I'm also interested in your observations and comments, and welcome any suggestions for articles or reviews for Scott's Boat Pages. If you have interesting boat related photos or know of a new blog, forum, book or website that would interest other readers, send me a link. Meanwhile, you can click on the logo below to see what's online so far, keeping in mind that this is a brand new blog and there will be much more to come:

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MrGS said...

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