Saturday, January 19, 2008

Snow in Mississippi

It's been a generally cold, dreary week already, but today I got up at dawn to see something quite rare here in south Mississippi - snow. The last time we had any snow here that accumulated on the ground was 7 years ago. The temperature is just above freezing, so it won't stick around for long, but now three hours later it's still coming down and will probably add up to about 4 inches before it's done. Snow and cold may not seem like a big deal to those readers from more northern climes who are used to it, but for us it's a bit of a novelty. I like to see it from time to time, but any epoxy work on the boat will have to wait for warmer temperatures. As you can see from the photos, my minimal shed doesn't offer much protection from the elements.

And speaking of that, I don't plan for Element II to see any more snow once she's in the water. The Wharram Tiki 26 is a warm weather boat - perfect for the tropics and more at home anchored in a lagoon surrounded by palm trees than in some rocky northern cove. I don't think I would be building this type of boat if I were planning on visiting the cold places, but others Tiki sailors don't seem to mind, and I'm especially intrigued by Thomas Nielsen's planned voyages on his Tiki 26 Tsunamichaser up the Pacific Northwest coast and into the Arctic. I can't wait to read his reports, but some day I'll be posting mine from latitudes farther south.

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