Thursday, January 17, 2008

Looking Back...

Stems, Skegs, and Rudders: First Parts Cut, January 24, 2007

As the project moves on and the number of construction phases and parts increases, this blog has gotten correspondingly larger and more cumbersome. Looking for specific details and photos has become difficult, even for me, who posted them and should know where to look. Realizing that many of you who are reading this may be building your own Wharram catamaran, or planning to start one sometime in the future, I decided I should do something to make this a better reference source for those who might need that. So what I've been working on this morning is something I should have done from the beginning - labeling individual posts so that they can be sorted into categories that will make finding what you're looking for easier.

If you look to the sidebar to the right and scroll down, you will see the new set of links under the term: Construction Phases. You will see that I've divided the project up into such categories as: bunks, crossbeams, decks, floors, galley, hull assembly, hull fiberglassing, and so on. More categories will be added as I get to such phases as painting, rigging, and fitting out. These categories will make it easy to find specific text and photos. If for example, you are getting ready to build your mast, just look under the mast building category to follow the steps I took or improve on them by avoiding my mistakes. I hope this proves helpful to those who are following this blog and I'm always open to more suggestions at any time. Feel free to email me directly at:


Manos Amanakis said...

It's a great job you did Scott! A real building manual for us firstime builders! I don't know if I can maintain the same enthusiasm until the launch of my Tiki 31, but your website certainly helps a lot!

Scott B. Williams said...


All us Wharram builders have to work together to stay inspired and keep up the enthusiasm. I don't know if I could do it either without the inspiration of great blogs like yours and Thomas Nielsen's, Neil Hawksford's, and others. It's always great to hear from other builders who are reading my posts, and that makes the effort all worthwhile.


Neil said...

Hey Scott
Great job on the boat and great job on the site modifications. I'm going to have to look a doing something similar on my site now ..... Thanks!
Seriously though I am mightily impressed with your hgh standard of construction and finish, I confess that there will be some areas of Gleda that I will not be showing off!
Keep it up, I don't post as often as I should but I check in regularly and you're right, absolutely, its a mutual inspiration thing.
Take it easy

Scott B. Williams said...

Hi Neil,

Thanks for the message. I've been following your progress daily. You've done a better job of posting updates than I have most of the time, the boat is coming along really nicely. It's quite an impressive vessel and mighty inspiring to those of us building much smaller boats. You're definately on the right track and I have no doubts that Gleda will be one fine Tiki 38. I hope to share an anchorage and some good drink with you someday, somewhere.