Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Jib Panels Assembled

I finished the assembly of all the major panels for the jib sail this past Sunday. The reinforcing patches for the head, tack, and clew are all done too, as well as the patches for the reef point tack and clew. Getting to this stage went smoothly and took far less time than I anticipated. The shape of the sail came out just right, and the dimensions for luff, leech and foot are all correct. Shown below is the completed assembly. Remaining work includes finishing the leech and installing the leech line and cleats, finishing the foot edge, and finishing off the luff with the luff wire and and sail hanks. The tack and head will be reinforced with sewn brass rings laced to the wire end thimbles, and the clew and reef points will be form with pressed brass rings. All three corners also require hand-sewn leather reinforcement patches. I stopped work on the sail as the weather got better, and went outside to work on the starboard hull again. The jib will be finished perhaps later this week or the next time bad weather prevents epoxy and carpentry work.

Below is a close-up of the stitching detail at the tack of the sail. All corners and reef points are reinforced with the layered patches of cloth as shown here. Built of 7.5 oz. Supercruise Dacron, I have no doubt that this will be a long-lasting and strong headsail.

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