Monday, January 14, 2008

Starboard Floors Installed

I've had some limited spells of good weather coinciding with time to work on the boat, so more progress has been made on the starboard hull. The floor panels were completed last week and are now installed and filleted into place. Additional work on the fillets and on the keel in the bow and stern areas will soon be completed, and the bunk panels will soon be ready to go in. The floors are shown below, the undersides drying in the sun after a second coat of epoxy on a warm January day.

Below is a view into the starboard hull after the floors have been filleted in place. Note too the horizontal bunk stringers. As I mentioned back when building the port hull, I used the Tiki 30 method of installing the bunks on these stringers rather than wiring the bunk edges to the hull and then trying to make epoxy fillets on the underside joints. The stringer method is quicker and the wood used is just as strong but lighter in weight than an equal epoxy fillet.

Below is a view into the main companionway area. The floor here has a removable panel for easy access to the bilge.

By raising the floor and bunk level three inches higher than shown in the plans, I have gained enough additonal width to accomodate a portable head in the main companionway area just aft of the starboard bunk. Shown below is the head with the bunk panels laid temporarily in place. The panel in the companionway area will be cut out to allow use of the head and provide a footwell and seating. I will likely use a hinged wooden cover to completely conceal the head when not in use and allow this area to also double as the chart room/nav station, where the radio and other instruments will be installed.

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