Sunday, February 03, 2008

Tight Spaces

Finally I had a good warm day and the time to work on the boat. The only downside to the weather was the occasional light rain that made it necessary to move all my newly epoxy coated parts into the shed to keep them from getting wet before they cured. Space is getting tight now on rainy days, with two hulls side by side and little available bench space to lay out parts for coating and such. Normally, I set up some temporary benches outside the shed on saw horses. But when it rains everything has to go in.

Despite this, I got all the bunk flats for the starboard hull coated on both sides, as well as the access hatches that are cut out of them. The next step will be to glue on the stringers under the openings for the access covers, then the bunks will be ready to install. While these were curing, I worked on the floor panel fillets beneath the starboard bunks, and these areas are nearly done, needing only one more sealing coat of epoxy.

You can see the how crowded it's getting in these photos, with epoxy coated bunk parts spread out all over both hulls to cure, forcing me to squeeze past them to get to the area where I'm working.

The other "shop" in my girlfriend's garage is a bit full as well, with Tiki 26 beams and a 12-foot Backwoods Drifter under construction. Here you can see I've finished the epoxy fillets on all the crossbeam interiors, and finished the epoxy coating of the webs and floors. The next step on these beams is to make the front fairings and get them closed in.

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