Monday, February 26, 2007

More on Rudders and Sternposts

I've had very little time to work on the project this past week, due to work and family obligations. My focus is still on finishing the preparations for drilling the lashing holes in the sternposts and rudders, and now that I've cut and filled the slots in the rudders and glued in the hardwood inserts as I did in the sternposts last week, I am almost done with this. The next step is to sand these surfaces smooth, then glass over the area to be drilled with a layer of 6-oz. fiberglass. When this has cured I'll line up the mating rudders and sternposts, mark the locations of the holes and drill them on the drill press. After this project is complete, about the only other thing to do on all these parts for the hulls is to go over them with a sander and then apply a second coat of epoxy. Hopefully I'll be able to begin hull assembly sometime in March. The weather here for a few days has suggested a hint of Spring, so I am anxious to begin building, but this is also the time of year when everyone else demands my services as a carpenter.

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