Monday, February 05, 2007

Building up the Rudders

Like the stems and skegs, the upper one-third or so of the rudders are doubled by adding a 6mm ply laminate on each side. While working on other parts I glued all of these up, completing the last one this morning. It will be a long time before I need rudders, but the parts were already cut when I cut up the single sheet of 18mm ply, so these can be worked on at times when I'm in between stages of epoxy curing or whatever on other projects. This is one way to maximize available time and get ahead on all those little parts that have to be completed before the boat is complete. When I built my Hitia 17 I started with just the hulls and was dismayed at the amount of time it took to build crossbeams, rudders, tillers, mast, etc., before I could go sailing. This time around I'd like all those things to come together at about the right time, so when it's time to start painting, I can paint everything, then assemble, fit-out, rig and prepare to launch.

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