Friday, May 09, 2008

Shaping the Rudders

I've spent so much time sanding and fairing fiberglass this week on the crossbeams and doing paint and varnish prep work on the Backwoods Drifter I'm finishing up that I had to have a change of pace for an hour or so this afternoon.

I got out the rudders that I had been storing in the house to keep them from warping and using the belt sander and my 6-inch random orbital disc sander, shaped aft edges to the foil section as specified in the plans. This was pleasant work and the shape came out well. The next step will be sheathing these and hopefully one day soon, hanging them on the sterns of the two hulls.

Shaping the rudders begins with removing material with belt sander first, then smoothing with the disc sander. The glue lines between laminates in the plywood help maintain consistency in material removal.

This weekend I will get back to the hulls. While in Florida I visited the Raka Epoxy warehouse and bought the fiberglass and epoxy necessary to sheath the starboard hull, which is upside down and ready. Hopefully that will get done this coming week. I've also found a great deal on a practically brand new Nissan outboard motor for the boat and will probably pick it up in Mobile, Alabama one day next week. It's the exact model I planned to buy anyway - the 6hp 4-stroke extra-long shaft with built-in alternator - and it only has 2 hours of run time on it.

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