Thursday, May 15, 2008

Nissan Outboard

Fiberglassing the starboard hull this week didn't happen as planned. Yesterday, I went to Mobile, AL to purchase a slightly used Nissan outboard that will be the auxiliary engine for Element II. This is the exact model I had planned to purchase new: the 6hp, 4-stroke with extra-long 25-inch shaft and built-in charging alternator. It will be the ideal power source for a Tiki 26, as it is lightweight, at only 60lbs. and will push the easily driven hulls quite economically.

I had the 5hp model on my Tiki 21, Element, and it performed flawlessly. I recommended the above model to Thomas Nielsen, when he was building and outfitting Tsunamichaser and he as been well-pleased and satisfied with the performance and agrees it is ideal for this boat.

This particular engine was only used a couple of hours by the previous owner, who had fitted it into the outboard well of a Pearson Commander that he subsequently sold. The discoloration on the shaft and foot is anti-fouling paint he applied as the engine could not be tilted clear of the water on that particular boat. This turned out to be a great deal and I'm looking forward to the day I'll get to try it out when I launch Element II - thanks again, Jerry!

The other thing that disrupted my plans to get my starboard hull glassed was a phone call that came while I was still in Mobile, and an opportunity for work transporting a Farrier trimaran back here from south Florida for repainting. The good thing about this opportunity is that the timing works out so that I can make the Florida Wharram rendezvous in Islamorada this weekend. More about this in the next post....

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