Monday, April 09, 2007

Bunk Bearer Installation

To aid in alignment and to eliminate the need for large epoxy fillets below the bunks where they join to the hullsides, I decided to make lightweight longitudinal bunk bearers to support the edges of the bunk sections. I cut these to the same dimensions as the diagonal stiffeners that are also epoxied to the hullsides, and then cut the top surface upon which the bunks will be glued to a bevel to match the tops of the athwartships bunk bearers that are glued to the bulkheads. Again, this is a method used in the construction of the Tiki 30, but is not suggested in the Tiki 26 plans. The main advantage is the ease of keeping the bunks level, but eliminating the large underside fillets is also a time saver and the joint will be just as strong with the large fillets on the top side where the bunks meet the hull. Shown below is one of these bearers in the main cabin area between bulkheads 2 and 3. The bunk section is moved aside for clarity.

Here is a view of these longitudinal bearers from aft of bulkhead no. 2. The rough pattern for the floor section between no. 2 and no. 3 is also shown.

All these bunk bearers are cut and dry fitted. In my next work session I will radius the bottom edges, coat them with epoxy, and glue them into place using temporary screws. In the meantime, there is still much finish work to do on the bulkhead and keel fillets, but these will be done by the time the bunks are cut, reinforced and coated for installation.

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