Monday, April 30, 2007

Bunk Access Hatches

I'm making the bunk access hatches a bit smaller than is suggested in the plans, mainly because I wanted a continuous web of bunk ply attached to the hullsides, rather than having entire sections lift out. As Thomas Nielsen has said on his blog, these bunks are a great opportunity to strengthen the hull in this area. I'm not using quite the elaborate latching access hatches Thomas has divised, but the bunks will be one continuous web, and each opening is reinforced with an athwartship bearer that goes from hullside to hullside, and longitudinal supports between these for the hatch lids to rest on. The hatch lids themselves will simply drop into position on these bearers, with a fingerhole in each for easy removal.

I should be ready to install the two forwardmost bunk sections in my next work session later this week.

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