Wednesday, January 24, 2007

A Trip to New Orleans for Plywood

These are the plywood sheets required to build the hulls to sheer level, including bulkheads, bunks, stems, skegs and rudders.

This is the good stuff. No compromising on quality for Element II

Yesterday I drove to New Orleans to pick up the marine plywood for my project. Riverside Lumber Co. on Morrison Road is now a dealer for Joubert BS 1088 Okoume plywood, so rather than pay the high cost of shipping it was a simple matter to drive the 135 miles from my building site to pick it up.

I decided to use the Okoume rather than a less expensive Meranti ply because Okoume is 5 pounds per sheet (in 6mm thickness) lighter in weight than the Meranti. That comes to a weight difference of about 175 pounds for all the plywood required for the build, which is significant for a boat with a payload of about 1500 pounds. On a long passage, this weight difference could equate to a lot of extra drinking water, for one thing.

I'm starting out with enough ply to build the two hulls, including the topsides, bunks, and rudders. I'll go back for more 6mm and 9mm sheets to complete the cabin, decks, and cockpit when I get to that point. No use having it in the way until I need it.

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