Sunday, January 28, 2007

Another Day of Cutting Parts

I was back at it today, after taking off Friday to go sailing, see: Yesterday was a rain day, and I still have to put a new roof on my building shed before I can work on rainy days, so I left the stack of plywood covered with a tarp under the leaky roof until this morning, which dawned sunny, but cold. It's been too cold for several days to do any epoxy coating, so I've continued to lay out and cut parts, slowly reducing a stack of expensive marine plywood to multiple smaller stacks of Tiki 26 parts.
Today I finished the hull topside panels, all the 6mm doublers for the tops of the stems, skegs, and rudders, and finally, the beam and shroud lashing cleats (since they come out of the single sheet of 18mm ply the rudders, stems and skegs were cut from and I wanted to reduce the amount of leftover ply I have to store). I then spent the rest of the day laying out the bulkheads, but I'm not quite ready to cut those yet. I'm still contemplating some minor changes in the accomodations and I have to work out the details before cutting bulkheads.

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