Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Getting Started

Stems, Skegs, and Rudders

I'll call today the official beginning of the build, even though there are some steps I took in this direction quite a long time ago that I will explain in future posts.

This will certainly be an involved project and will take some time, particularly as I will have to work on it around my other jobs for paying customers in order to keep the materials flowing. I'll also be getting away from time to time to sail the first Element, my Tiki 21, which will surely be refreshing and rejuvenating at those times in this long journey when I might question why I'm building yet another boat.

Today the weather was not the best for boatbuilding, cold and windy, everything still wet from days of rain that prevented me from getting my plywood sooner. But I was ready to put blade to wood so I lofted up patterns for the stems, skegs and rudders for both hulls and proceeded to get them out from the 18mm sheet reserved for that purpose.

Tomorrow, I have another free day, so I hope to lay out the panels for the first hullside, cut them out, and use them for templates to mark the other three hullsides.

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