Saturday, September 18, 2010

Port Hull Outside

Yesterday I moved the port hull most of the way out of the building shed.  I was able to install the remaining two windows in each hull this week, despite my injured foot and ankle, so they are now fully "dried-in" and able to be left out in the open.  The starboard hull will come out next week after the sealant has a couple more days to dry.  I'm leaving the stern decks under cover until I get the non-skid and paint on them.  In the meantime, there is a lot of detailing to do on both the deck paint and the green topsides now that I have them out in the open where I can see and work free of the dust in the shed.  Here are a few pictures so you can see one of the hulls unobstructed for the first time:

The first step today was to wash all the dust off:

You can see that the stern deck here is not yet painted, only primed. 

I really like the way these flush-mounted windows came out....

This view shows the companionway hatch and opening hatch forward.  This is one Tiki 26 that will have lots of natural light and ventilation inside.


Bob Bois said...

Hi Scott,
Your 26 is looking beautiful. Really nice job.


Scott B. Williams said...

Hi Bob,

Thanks! I will be looking forward to seeing the construction of your new Tiki 46. I hope you enjoy building it as much as I have mine.