Monday, September 27, 2010

Beams Meet Hulls!

Hey, check it out, this thing I've been building all this time really is a catamaran!

Yesterday, I brought the crossbeams from the garage where I built them down to the shed where the hulls were built.

Today the hulls were rolled out into the open and aligned in the middle of the space between the shed and the house, where I have enough room to work and to step the mast later when it's time for that.  I leveled them and blocked them up using the two-wheel carts I made and a hydraulic floor jack. 

All this went surprisingly well, even single-handed, again making me glad I went with the Tiki 26 instead of a larger design.  I can easily manipulate these hulls for maintenance in the future.

These beams are still unfinished, of course.  I have a bit of glassing and lots of fairing to do before painting them, as well as the completion of the extra bits for the mast beam, such as the mast step reinforcement and the dolphin striker.

At this point, the beams are just strapped onto the inside lashing cleats to keep everything level and secure.  I will use rope lashings as in the plans for the final assembly.  The beam blocks on the decks will have to be shaped to fit the underside of the beams for a secure contact surface.  This could not be done until I reached this stage where the hulls are aligned and leveled with each other.  Before the final fitting, I'll fine tune everything with a water level to be sure they are exactly level at all four ends. 

Another project will be finishing the paint job on the stern decks, which have non-skid and primer, but no finish coats.  Then I'll hang the rudders and paint them in line with the bottom paint and topside paint.  And then build the tillers and the tiller bar.

And, there's the small matter of the cockpit and cockpit seats with storage under, and the motor well.  Then forward decks, aft boarding ladder, tramps, etc....  But it's starting to look like a boat, and that's inspiring.


Anonymous said...

Looking good Scott, a true inspirational work there.
Ordered my plans on the 20th hopefully will arrive the end of this week and then to start.....


Scott B. Williams said...

Thanks Lee, good to hear about another one getting started. I think the interest in these designs is growing.

Darwin said...

Scott, a word "beautiful", excited to see the two hulls together once again my congratulations and thanks for sharing such beautiful work.
Darwin, The Toscas, Uruguay

Scott B. Williams said...

Thanks Darwin!

Neil said...

Fantastic to see Scott, she's looking pretty. I'll be chuffed if I get close to your standard of finish and even more chuffed when I can get Gleda posing for similar shots!

Scott B. Williams said...

Thanks Neil, You'll get there soon, and I'll bet your finish will be as good or better.

Jon at said...

Nice job as usual Scott! I've been following your blogs and enjoying your books for a while now! I would like to knock out a Melanesia or a maybe an Ulua or Wa'apa outrigger soon, maybe in time for the next Wharram meet in the Keys!

Anonymous said...

Looks great, Scott! Congratulations on getting those out there! Very nice!

Chris Carter

Scott B. Williams said...

Thanks Jon. Hope to see you there in the Keys. If all goes well with the rest of the build I'll be sailing there next time.

Scott B. Williams said...

Chris, moving them out and getting them lined up and level turned out to be much easier than I anticipated. Hope you get to see it sometime if you get back for a visit.

Gorby said...

Well done Scott!! You are getting along just fine.

I am struggeling with the temperatures over here. In spring it was cold very long. Now in autumn temperatures again are below normal. In between there were tragic family matters and a four week holiday, so this year feels like a wasted season. Nonetheless I have made progress and as long as I abandon my initial planning I will be allright.

Keep at it, because I love your detailed reports! They help me greatly.

Greetings from Holland

Scott B. Williams said...

Hi Gorby,

I too have had long delays at times because of weather and building in an open shed, and also because of other commitments, etc. Just maintain the desire to finish it and you'll get there no matter what obstacles may come up.

Randy Anselmo said...

Hey Scott,

We recently got back from a 2 week keys trip in the re-commissioned "Hei Matau". Great trip! I was slightly apprehensive, never having got to conduct a sea trial on this boat that I've spent all of my spare time and money on over the past 4 months, but she sailed wonderfully. I was thinking about your motor mounting, as we did experience a fair bit of cavitation in chop, but I think my Nissan 6hp is just a long shaft, and not an "extra" long shaft. Can't tell you how often I was thankful (and the envy of all the other cruisers) for our fully-loaded 18 - 20" draft! My crew really loved the trampoline, stating it was the only soft place on deck (despite bench cushions), but I can also appreciate the utility of the hard deck you are planning. I posted a few photos on the Wharram Builders site, and when I collect my notes, I will post more on what I learned and little improvements I plan to make. Just wanted to drop you a note with a big thanks, and encouragement for you to soldier on with the final stages of your build.

Randy Anselmo