Saturday, September 27, 2008

Boatsmith Crew visits the Element II Project

Thursday evening I had the opportunity to show Element II to my good friend David Halladay, and his entire Boatsmith crew. This unlikely visit out in the middle of nowhere in Mississippi happened because David and his crew were en route back to their home base in Jupiter, Florida, after completing a large teak deck project in the SanFrancisco area. Needless to say, they were worn-out from days on the road, so the visit was short, but the guys got to see the boat project I've been telling them about for so long, back before they built the first Boatsmith Tiki 30.

In fact, it was my project and this blog that finally pushed David over the edge back at the beginning of this year, inspiring him to build a Wharram cat as he had long wanted to do. The result was his fine Tiki 30, Abaco, documented on Pro-Built Tiki 30 and launched this year at the Mystic Wooden Boat Show. This all led to David's meeting with James Wharram and becoming the only licensed professional Wharram builder in the U.S.

Below: David Halladay, at right, with his well-trained crew of boatbuilders crowd into my tiny shed between the hulls of Element II. I should have flattened the tires on their truck so they couldn't leave. If only I could afford to pay these guys to help me finish up, I could be sailing before the middle of October!

David and the crew hung around about an hour and a half, inspecting my work and looking over the Tiki 26 design with interest. He's hoping to get started building another Wharram in Florida soon, and thinks the Tiki 26 could be a good seller, appealing to a lot of customers.

Likely the next time they see Element II it will be somewhere on the water in south Florida, as that will be one of my first destinations for my shake down cruises.


Beat Rettenmund said...

You bet, Scott, these guys are fabulous! They reassembled Aluna in three hours, from two separate hulls to a full fledged cat with beams, mast case, deck sections, pod and stern ramp.
Check them out here in action under September 10:
Great documentation of your build, by the way!

Scott B. Williams said...

They were all very impressed with your Tii 38, Beat. I sure regret that circumstances caused me to miss your launching. It must be an incredibly exciting time for you to finally have your boat in her element after such a big building project. I wish you all the best in whatever direction you take her now!

Beat Rettenmund said...

If ever you have the chance to come West over the winter you'll get a ride on the Bay!

Scott B. Williams said...

Thanks Beat,

Looks like I'll get to meet you and see Aluna a lot sooner than expected - like one evening this week. I'm going to be helping David with a small project on the yacht in Alameda this week, so see you soon!