Thursday, July 05, 2007

Port Hull Sheathing Complete

Tuesday morning I finished the sheathing of the port hull (from the sheer down) with the completion of the starboard side. The entire hull will need at least two more coats of epoxy, but after the second filler coat I like to give it time to cure enough for sanding before applying the third coat with a foam roller. Fairing coats will come much later, when I get ready to prep the hull for painting.

Below is a close-up of the sheer stringer detail, showing how the fiberglass cloth easily conformed over the stringer due to the angle on the bottom edge and fillet to the hull panel. This stringer will be overlapped again with a strip of cloth cut on the bias after the decks and cabins are on and I make the hull to deck joint.

The lower hull panels for the starboard hull are complete on the bench on the other side of the shed, but I won't begin any further assembly until I return from a big teak carpentry job that's going to take me to south Florida for a few weeks. Before I go I plan to get another coat of epoxy on these panels though, and the third coat on the port hull, as well as begin some of the assembly of the beam components.

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