Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A Few Weeks On Hold

Here is how I left the project: the port hull is glassed and ready to be sanded and faired, and the starboard hull panels are assembled complete with the lower stringers and coated with epoxy.

I'm in south Florida this week, the first of a few that will put my boatbuilding on hold while I work on a big teak carpentry job that will contribute a lot to the final outfitting and purchasing of equipment for my new Tiki 26. When I return I hope to work full time on the boat for awhile.

I will post more about this interesting project that I'm working on in the days to come. I first met David Halliday, owner of Boatsmith Marine Carpenty, back in 2001 when I sailed my 26-foot monohull to the southeast coast of Florida for the winter. I was living aboard at the time and looking for boat-related work while in the area, and the job I found then has led to many more trips south to work for David on special projects. His website can be found here:

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