Monday, June 04, 2007

Tiki 21 Sold

As I mentioned in my last post, someone recently expressed interest in purchasing my Tiki 21, Element, so I've been busy getting in some last sailing trips before he came to look at it and go for a demo sail this past Wednesday. The wind has been strong and steady for the last few weeks on the Gulf coast, so after my 4-day trip to the barrier islands conditions remained great for taking my girlfriend and her daughter daysailing, and for the demo sail for the new owner. The deal was done after this sail, and Friday I went back to the coast with my trailer and hauled the boat out from a beach near the marina with the help of my monohull sailing friend, Artie.

In the photo below, as you can see, Element is parked on the trailer in front of my Tiki 26 building shed. Although I would like to be able to continue sailing from time to time while building Element II, it's not really practical and by selling the boat I will save on slip rentals and not have to worry about hurricane season this year, which officially started on June 1st, the day we hauled the boat out. Like Segundo Vez, my Hitia 17 I sold last November, Element is going to Colorado, where she will be safe from hurricanes but a long way from the sea. As Thomas Nielsen said, I could be the exclusive supplier of Wharram cats to Colorado! Later this week, I'm meeting the new owner at the halfway point, near Oklahoma City, to hand over the boat to him. After that trip is done I'll be getting back to work on the Tiki 26, ordering supplies and making progress in the long days of summer ahead.

Element ready for the road trip west.

The port hull of Element II, with Element in the background. A long road of hard work lies ahead before the Tiki 26 will be ready to load on a trailer and move to the Gulf.

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