Tuesday, June 12, 2007

New Wheels

When I got back to Mississippi from Oklahoma, the first thing I did was stop in my local Harbor Freight Tools store to buy new wheels to make the dollies I will need to move my Tiki 26 hulls and aid in launching the finished boat. I had made new dollies like this for the Tiki 21, but they went with the boat when I sold it, so replacing them is a job I will need to do soon.

You can't beat Harbor Freight for deals on stuff like this. I got these 13" pneumatic tire wheels for just $9.95 each, (each dolly will require two). These worked really well on the Tiki 21 and should be fine for the Tiki 26 as well. The have a ball bearing hub sized for a half inch axle. I will build the cradles out of 3/4" plywood and use 1/2" steel rod for the axles. Photos of this project will be posted as I get around to it.

Other great deals at Harbor Freight are on such consumables as nitrile gloves (100 count box for $7.95) and 2" chip brushes for epoxy work (36 count box for $7.95). They have posted sales on most items from time to time and you can get a lot of this stuff much cheaper than at other hardware or building supply stores.

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