Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Preparing the Boatbuilding Shed

Now that I have completed the fabrication of all the parts required to begin building the hulls, with the exception of finishing the second coating of epoxy on some of them, I have turned my attention to the next necessary step - putting a new roof on the shed that I will build them in.
I built this 16' x 28' shed several years ago, but in my haste to throw it together took some shortcuts that eventually resulted in a perpetually leaking roof. No amount of patching would do any good at this point, so back when I decided for sure to build a Tiki 26 earlier this year, I knew that I would be facing the task of tearing all this old tin roofing material off, replacing rotten framing and putting on a new roof with better materials and methods.

After several weeks of working hard for other people, I took the day off Monday and sailed Element, my Tiki 21 out to West Ship Island, one of the barrier islands off the coast of Mississippi. See my post about this trip here: This much needed break was quite refreshing and the perfect sailing conditions on board a great sailing design was just what I needed for motivation to attack that old shed with determination. I put in 9 hard hours today, getting all the old roof removed and the new framing on. Tomorrow all that remains to do is to add a few more framing members and then screw down the new sheets of tin roofing. Then, I'll clean out the work area and get it organized, and hopefully I will soon begin to assemble the hull panels for the first hull. I plan to post some photos of the shed project after it's all finished tomorrow.

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