Monday, March 26, 2007

Assembling the Hullsides

Yesterday I assembled both hullsides for the port hull. This involved joining the three panels that make up each hullside with buttblocks, and glueing on the stringer that goes on the inside of the top edge of the lower hullsides. Since I only have room for one of these at a time on my workbench, I had to wait on the epoxy to cure before assembling the second one. Shown above is the first side, which I moved out in the yard onto some pallets for applying the second and final coat of epoxy to the whole inside surface. The other side is now assembled on the bench. The epoxy glueing the butt blocks and stringer on it was not cured last night, but at first light this morning I'm going out to remove the screws and clamps so I can get a coat of epoxy on it. Hopefully today if the epoxy cures fast enough I'll begin the wire stitching process and will get the two hullsides wired together along with the keel strip, stem and sternpost.

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