Sunday, September 27, 2009

Closing in the Hulls

It was a good feeling earlier this week when I permanently installed both cabin roofs - at last completely closing in the hulls and marking the last big pieces to go into the construction of them. They had been cut and test-fitted as I wrote about in a previous post a few weeks ago, but now they are glued on, trimmed and edge-shaped, and awaiting fiberglass sheathing.

Here's a view of the completed undersides of the roof panels taken earlier this week. The longitudinal carlins were glued and filleted in place to provide the necessary stiffness and to define the sides of the front opening hatches and the outboard side of the companionway hatches.

The carlins, combined with the slight camber I've addd to the tops, has made them incredibly stiff even before fiberglassing. The next step, other than sheathing these, is to begin building the landings for the forward hatches and the framing for the companionway hatches and dropboards.


samIam said...

Hi Scott
Element II is looking good.

Just cutting out my bulkheads and wondered how much camber you put on the cabin roof bulkheads.


Scott B. Williams said...

Hi Malcom,

The camber comes to a maximum of one and one-half inches at the centerline of bulkhead four. I think it's a worthwhile addition. Send photos of your build when you get a chance.