Friday, April 18, 2008

Trampoline for Element I (my old Tiki 21)

The new owner of my Tiki 21, Element, which I sold last year, recently contacted me to inquire if I knew where he could have a new forward trampoline made for the boat. I had planned to replace the trampoline when I did the refit of the boat, but at the time it was still in decent shape and so I sailed with the old one. Since I had made the custom rear tramp I designed for the boat, I told the new owner I could make his replacement forward tramp. After all, I did just spent $800 on a Sailrite sewing machine to make my sails, and it wouldn't be a bad thing at all if the new machine could start paying for itself.

Here is the finished result, which I just shipped out this week.

The Sailrite Ultrafeed's zig-zag stitch capability is especially nice for this application, as trampolines, like sails, are subject to high loads at the attachment points and the zig-zag stitch distributes the stress better. The perimeter of the trampoline is also reinforced with a heavy-duty 2-inch webbing. The grommets are the "spur" grommet type, which are much stronger than ordinary washer grommets.

I'm still undecided about a forward trampoline for Element II. I am considering some sort of slatted, more permanent deck, but will make the final decision after the boat is assembled in the yard and the cockpit is done. I will have a rear trampoline for sure though, connected to an extra aft beam near the stern. There are stronger and more long-lasting trampoline materials available than this standard black mesh that is so common on beach cats, and I'll probably use one of those.

In the meantime, if anyone reading this is need of a new trampoline for their Wharram cat, I can give quote and try to fit it in among my many other projects.


Kim Whitmyre said...


My tiki, Vaea, came with a Sunrise Yacht Products web front tramp
Excellent construction: very comfortable, with holes large enough to let water thru easily, yet easy to walk on. According to the receipts I got with the boat, the cost (a few years ago) was $600.

Here's a link to a set of shots on Flikr that shows this tramp. There is also a shot of the new propellor I put on my Nissan 5hp: less pitch and rounder blades for more push.

You are doing absolutely great work on your boat! My beams were not glassed, but I wooded and glassed the forward beam the first winter I had the boat. The rest will follow as I am able.

Take care,

Scott B. Williams said...


Yes, I have seen that sort of tramp you have. I like that one too, just still undecided on tramp vs. some sort of slatted deck forward.

I'm also interested in a better sailboat prop for the Nissan motor I just bought the other day. Where did you get it?

I was just looking at photos of your boat this morning, actually, as I ponder whether to build a motor mount like yours aft of the beam or in the cockpit as is more common. How do you like your arrangement?

ItsaGamble said...

Scott, what would you charge to build another forward tramp for Element? Oh and by the way Element has moved to Nashville! =0) I'll send pics if you are interested.


Scott B. Williams said...


Congrats on your purchase! Yes, please send pics,I'll post something on the Element blog. Email regarding the tramp and we can discuss.