Sunday, September 16, 2007

Mast and Beams

I've decided to go back to my original plan of laminating the mast before I remove my 26' long workbench that is in the way of assembling the second hull. Although I am anxious to get the second hull built, it will be more efficient to make use of the workspace I have to glue up the mast. The finished stick can then be hung from the rafters out of the way until the hulls are completed. Hopefully, I won't need a long, flat bench again for any other parts of the boat. All of the stringers are made for the second hull, and I finished assembling the topside panels with their stringers installed last week. The mast is a fairly big project, because of the many components. The first step is to cut the stock to the required widths, then scarf the pieces to get the length. The rough stock shown below is 16' lengths of Doug fir, in 1x6 and 2x6. The 2x6 pieces have already been ripped to 2" widths. These will be cut on a 45-degree angle to make the interior fillets after first scarfing them to full length.

Before the mast lumber arrived I finished assembling the topside panels for the second hull. Shown below is the last one, the upper stringer being glued on by clamping it between the panel and the flat bench. These panels can also be hung out of the way while working on the lower hull assembly.

Back at the garage workshop this weekend, I'm making steady progress on assembling the crossbeam components. First the stringers that stiffen the vertical webs, and then the floor panels, to which the webs are laminated. Like the mast, these beams have many parts and just getting the all put together will take many glueing operations. It's good to be able to do this in another location so these parts are not in the way of building the hulls.

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